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Tip for P-T paths from loop/drive files

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Tip for P-T paths from loop/drive files

I discovered this recently and thought I'd share...

If you just want to run theriak along a non-linear path in P-T space, you can make a loop file that includes many PT points rather than specifying start and end points and a number of steps between those points.  The default step size is 1 unless you specify otherwise.  Here are some examples of loop files that run in TD:

File 1
As described in the guide, this has a staring point, an ending point, and 5 steps from start to end.
TP  555  5390
TP  556  5395  5
File 2
Or you can add points and specify steps between those points.
TP  555  5390
TP  556  5395  5
TP  557  5400  5
TP  558  5405  5
TP  559  5410  5
File 3
Or just put a series of PT points in without steps between
TP  555  5390
TP  556  5395
TP  557  5400
TP  558  5405
TP  559  5410


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Super useful, thanks!


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