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New compiled version for MAC and WIN

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Erik Duesterhoeft
Joined: 2015 Nov 04
New compiled version for MAC and WIN

I compiled the new Theriak-Domino version (Feburary 4th, 2017) for MAC OS and WINDOWS (cygwin compiler). Please visit my homepage for download and follow the instructions.

The zip-folder includes:
- new HP-databases: td-tcds62-6axmn-03.txt (White et al, 2014) coded by D. Tinkham; HoMa_13 (Holland et al.,2013) and JenHo15 (Jennigs and Holland, 2015) both coded by Thorsten Nagel
- several other databases, e.g. (Berman, 2007), tcds55_p07 (D. Tinkham, or SPaC14_PD15 (Pattison and Debuhr, 2015), Car_P14 (Pourteau et al., 2014)
- pix2mat.m
- the extended Volume-EOS of Duesterhoeft (2016, American Journal of Science), i.e. modified gcalc.f90
- the latest THERIAK_D version (March 25, 2017)
- theriakd_example2 folder

Erik Duesterhoeft
Joined: 2015 Nov 04

New Theriak-Domino (TSK18 Jena - version) incl. seismic velocities

Here is my last Theriak-Domino version (March 15th, 2018) for MAC OS and WINDOWS (cygwin compiler), which I distributed during my workshop at the 17th Symposium of Tectonics, Structural Geology and Crystalline Geology in Jena 2018. You can download the version from my website

The new version includes:

- seismic velocity calculations. Use the new seismic_velocity databases, located in the extra folder "TheriakDomino_2018/Databases/seismic_data" (watch the header of each database for more information)
- STX11 - Database and EOS of Stixrude and Lithgow-Bertelloni (2005, 2011) are implemented
- Now, P-T-loop function can plot %vol of minerals and sum(%vol) of fractionated phases (see "pcV_" and "pcVsum_")
- several new databases, e.g. vidal18.txt (Sanchez-Roa, Vidal et al., 2018), gaidies.frg (Georges and Gaidies, 2017) or SPaC14.v1 (Spear and Pyle, 2010)

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