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CO2-H2O Fluid and Carbonates models

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CO2-H2O Fluid and Carbonates models

Hi All,

I am a postdoc working on carbonate bearing greenschist facies metabasites. I want to use DS55 in NCKFMASHTO. I have been rearranging datasets/models and am looking for some feedback. What I am hoping for is a dataset5 version that includes phases for metabasites (i.e., amphibole), carbonates (ideally, Ca-Mg-Fe ternary), and a CO2-H2O fluid. 

tcdb55c2d has a carbonate (Cc-Dol-Mag) solution coded, but no CO2-H2O fluid or mineral phases such as amphibole that I require.

tcds55_p07 from Doug Tinkham has amphibole but not carbonate or fluid models.

td-6axNCKFMASHTOm45.txt, also from Doug Tinkham, has a fluid (fluidb) but no carbonate models.

I was able to copy and paste the fluidb code from 6axNCKFMASHTOm45 and  CCDO  from tcdb55c2d into tcds55_p07 

I have done a few tests with THERIAK and the results seem alright. I am going to do some more tests, but I was hoping that someone is able to confirm these edits are alright. I am little skeptical as to why these solutions were not included in the first there an underlying reason? I am also assuming that the fluid model would be the same in ds6 and 5, so it is alright to directly copy across.

Finally, does anyone know of a ternary carbonate (Ca-Mg-Fe) model that has been coded into TD?

Looking forward to the responses,

Tyler Ambrose

Postdoc UBC Vancouver





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