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Errors with newest Theriak-Domino versions on Windows

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Errors with newest Theriak-Domino versions on Windows

Hello Theriak-Domino users group,

I'm posting on here because I'm not sure where else to ask for help. I'm trying to get the newer versions of Theriak-Domino to work on a Windows 10 PC with gfortran 8.2.0-3 installed via MinGW. The Theriak-Domino version 09/03/2016 works just fine and I can run everything. However, versions 04/02/2017 and 09/03/2019 both do not, and I would really like to get the new version working especially with the addition of starting guesses for speed. Everything compiles fine from the makefile, but upon trying to run any programs from start.bat I get this error:

At line 24 of file platf-win2.f90
Internal Error: get_unit(): Bad internal unit KIND
I know that the platf-win.f90 files are dependent on the fortran compiler installed and operating system, but I've left them as they are provided because as far as I can tell everything is set up as it should be for my compiler (gfortran) and OS (Windows). I have no idea what could be going wrong as this error seems to be quite vague and google hasn't yielded much in the way of what I might need to change. Any suggestions for things I could try would be really appreciated! I apologize in advance if there's something very basic that I'm missing.
Thanks very much for your time.


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