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td-6axNCKFMASHTOm45 Dataset

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td-6axNCKFMASHTOm45 Dataset


I want to use td-6axNCKFMASHTOm45 dataset to stdudy melt reactions and assembelages in some amphibolite and meta-gabbro samples with excess SiO2 and H2O. The bulk composition is 


but Theriak does not make the stabe phases and instead shows amounts of the oxides. This is the first time I use this dataset and I do not know what wrong is with my THERIN file or the dataset.

Would you please help me?

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I was not able to replicate this specific problem, but part of the issue may be related to ferric iron unless you've already removed the solution phases that have some proportion of ferric iron. See the section from Doug Tinkhams website on using ferric-free systems in ds-6:

I was able to get Theriak/Domino to run fine using the following input: 


I am not an expert so perhaps others could be of more help, but I would start by trying something like that.

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Did you notice that in your THERIN, there's no H component?

Because H2O is excess in your system, you need to include H in your input.

maybe you can try this SI(57.2)TI(2.15)AL(11.5)FE(9.5)NA(3)MG(10.2)CA(13)K(0.8)H(30)O(?)

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Sorry, it's not because of missing H. It's because of missing "*" at the end of your input line. 

SI(57.2)TI(2.15)AL(11.5)FE(9.5)NA(3)MG(10.2)CA(13)K(0.8)O(170)      *

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