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Text Editor is Fixed

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Text Editor is Fixed

Hi Everyone,

The text editor should work now.  As a consequence of fixing it, some previous posts in the forum received a new formatting overlay.  I fixed several of them and now they show "updated" status and appear to be new posts.  However, the content is the same.

And if you were not aware, a nice way to highlight database text or other code is to simply apply Courier New font to that portion of your post.  For example:

*****  SOLUTION DATA  *****   garnet
   grossular      Ca,Ca,Ca - Al,Al
   pyrope         Mg,Mg,Mg - Al,Al
   almandine      Fe,Fe,Fe - Al,Al
   spessartine    Mn,Mn,Mn - Al,Al

If you find any errors elsewhere in the forum, just use the contact form to let us know.


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