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Pseudo-AFM diagrams using database tcdb55c2d

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Pseudo-AFM diagrams using database tcdb55c2d


I'm trying to make (pseudo)AFM diagrams using Domino for modelling some possible mineral assemblages. I've seen a presentation in which there was an example of a THERIN script (written below) for creating such diagrams using database, but it doesn't seems to work well with database tcdb55c2d.

0   FE(1)MG(1)O(1)K(1)AL(1)SI(3)O(8)SI(200)O(400)H(200)O(100)   *  afm0
0   FE(1)MG(0)O(1)K(1)AL(1)SI(3)O(8)SI(200)O(400)H(200)O(100)   *  afm2
0   FE(0)MG(1)O(1)K(1)AL(1)SI(3)O(8)SI(200)O(400)H(200)O(100)   *  afm1
0   AL(2)O(3)SI(200)O(400)H(200)O(100)   *  afm3

I'm also not certain about how can I plot my rock's composition in the diagram after creating it, and would really appreciate some advice on this topic.

Thank you all in advance!
With my best regards,
Pedro Vieira

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