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by Blakelee
12 Nov 2020, 13:14
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Topic: Problems with the dataset td-tcds62-6axmn-03
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Re: Problems with the dataset td-tcds62-6axmn-03

Hi Arthur Santos, I suggest you have a try the recently updated version 20201103, which can be available from the URL below: I have attained some good results using this version when constructing phase diagrams for a mafic eclogite, so i b...
by Blakelee
29 Jun 2020, 01:39
Forum: Dataset Discussion
Topic: td-6axNCKFMASHTOm45 Dataset
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Re: td-6axNCKFMASHTOm45 Dataset


LIQMB16 :there is no data for qL1 in external subroutine

Thus you need edit the fsol.f90 file for LIQMB16 solution because it needs external subroutine to calculate end-member activities, you can read TheriakDominoGuideBOOK that tell you how to edit it.

Best wishes,

Blakelee, PHD student
by Blakelee
20 Dec 2019, 08:52
Forum: Dataset Discussion
Topic: Solution model of Zr-bearing rutile
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Re: Solution model of Zr-bearing rutile

Hi, The following is solution model of Zr -bearing rutile model I code by the info you provided, it works well in my Theriak-Domino 2018 version. Please let me know if you find some errors in the code. !========================================================================================= !======...