Solution models_ Antigorite

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Solution models_ Antigorite

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Hi all,

I am new in this forum, I am pleased that this forum was created! I am working in serpentinites and serpentinized peridotites of spinel stability field. I tried to make pseudosections (database tcdb55c2d) with the system FMASHO with excess water and 40% of Fe2O3 but with no luck,
I think that maybe the problem is not considering the solution models of antigorite.

I was wondering if somebody has a solution model for an antigoritite for example the one that have perplex (antigorite with tschermak substitution; Padrón-Navarta et al., 2013, Lithos )

                        M0      M1       T1
         1 atg          Mg      Mg       SiSi
Species: 2 fatg         Fe      Fe       SiSi
         3 atgts        Mg      Al       AlSi
         4 fatgts       Fe      Al       AlSi dependent

Thank you!


Lidia Butjosa
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