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Problems with the dataset td-tcds62-6axmn-03

Posted: 23 Sep 2020, 13:14
by Arthur Santos
Hello everyone,

I am currently studying granulitic rocks and I am facing some problems with Theriak-domino, hope I can find help here. Some info before the problem:
  1. Windows 10, Theriak-Domino version 09.03.2019, dataset td-tcds62-6axmn-03
  • therin input SI(61.59)TI(0.00)AL(17.63)FE(4.23)MN(0.00)MG(2.93)CA(1.57)NA(4.47)K(4.21)H(3.37)O(?)O(0.01)

The problem is: the program is taking too long to calculate a pseudosection, like four to five days, and the results are not understandable (see figure for an example). I've tried using the dataset tcds_55 (with the necessary changes in the therin input file) and the program works just fine (five to eight hours to generate a pseudosection) and the pseudosections are understandable.
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-03 at 09.08.24.jpeg
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Re: Problems with the dataset td-tcds62-6axmn-03

Posted: 19 Oct 2020, 00:22
by EricKelly
Your bulk composition has O listed twice, and O(0.01) is pretty low, so I wonder if that's on purpose. If you allow TD to calculate the amount of O for you, does the diagram look reasonable?

Like this:

Re: Problems with the dataset td-tcds62-6axmn-03

Posted: 12 Nov 2020, 13:14
by Blakelee
Hi Arthur Santos,

I suggest you have a try the recently updated version 20201103, which can be available from the URL below: ... ruser.html. I have attained some good results using this version when constructing phase diagrams for a mafic eclogite, so i believe it may be helpful to you as well.
In addition, if you want to omit some compositions such as TI and MN, you can just delete them directly in your input datafile. Like this: SI(61.59)AL(17.63)FE(4.23)MG(2.93)CA(1.57)NA(4.47)K(4.21)H(3.37)O(?)O(0.01)

Best wishes,
Blakelee, PHD student