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by lotkoopmans
11 Jan 2023, 12:25
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Topic: Importing TD Phase Diagrams in Matlab
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Re: Importing TD Phase Diagrams in Matlab

Hi Fabrizio, I haven't tried doing it on matlab, but I have done a similar thing on Python. You can, with quite a bit of playing around, get Python to interpret the 'clean' files that are produced in Guzzler. I've used these to produce pseudosections in Python directly, and avoids any graphics error...
by lotkoopmans
11 Jan 2023, 12:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Melt vol% isopleth
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Re: Melt vol% isopleth

Hi Mohammad, I don't know if you're still working on this, but I think the problem you are running into is that the vol% is actually a percentage. What it seems like you've done there is ask it to plot isopleths betwee 0 and 1% melt, which will be why they are so close to each other. To fix this, tr...