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by Kari
02 Apr 2023, 09:24
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Topic: tc-ds55s database
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tc-ds55s database

I am in search of a tc-ds55s database, where can I find it?
thank you
by Kari
04 Aug 2022, 10:07
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Topic: Melt vol% isopleth
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Re: Melt vol% isopleth

Hello, I suggest you calculate the stability conditions of each phase at a specific point in interest stability field by running "domino choose the database choose the X axis (T) choose the Y axis (P) then choose "POINT" for the "calculation definition". choose the precise p...
by Kari
03 Aug 2022, 15:50
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Topic: Add "Saphirine" in the JUN92 database
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Add "Saphirine" in the JUN92 database

Dear all,

I am interested to Theriak-Domino program to do some pseudosection calculations.
I managed to get a coherent result, but I would like to add "Saphirine" in the JUN92 database, in order to complete my pseudo section.
someone can help me?
Best regards