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by AlexeyBerezin
02 Jan 2018, 00:06
Forum: Dataset Discussion
Topic: Commenting database
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Commenting database

Hi All! If you modify your database (JUN... et al.) comment 'by hand' - very long time process. I find  light way in text editor (kwrite on Linux) - set in Language Mode: Fortran (comment symbol "!"). And make comments few minerals on the one step. P.S. I think, this method be worked in any editors ...
by AlexeyBerezin
25 Apr 2017, 06:29
Forum: Installation and Operation
Topic: Calculation water activity
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Calculation water activity

Hi! In water systems reactions dependent from water activity. In case standart calculation TD aH2O - constant (and eq 1.0?). This approach not good for me (. How calculate isopleth for aH2O? For complicated system correct algorithm (in my case): Standart pseudosection-->approximate field-->isopleth ...