Melt vol% isopleth

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Melt vol% isopleth

Post by Mohammad_Miri »

Dear all


I want to calculate isolines for vol% of melt component of a system using Domino.

I have used Volume [ccm], Molar volume [g/mol], Volume% (of solids), and Amount [mol] options for SOLUTION PHASES and BULK ROCK in Domino but unfortunately in most cases, all the isolines lie on a single reaction curve (the first melt producing reaction) like the attached Fig.

Would you help me to do it correctly?

Best wishes
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Re: Melt vol% isopleth

Post by Kari »

I suggest you calculate the stability conditions of each phase at a specific point in interest stability field
by running "domino
choose the database
choose the X axis (T)
choose the Y axis (P)
then choose "POINT" for the "calculation definition".
choose the precise point (x temperature, y pressure)
you get the volumes and densities of the stable phase.
you can see this in "OUT" file
then you can calculate the isolpet according to the results.
I hope it is going to work
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Re: Melt vol% isopleth

Post by lotkoopmans »

Hi Mohammad,

I don't know if you're still working on this, but I think the problem you are running into is that the vol% is actually a percentage. What it seems like you've done there is ask it to plot isopleths betwee 0 and 1% melt, which will be why they are so close to each other.

To fix this, try and ask domino to produce isopleths from 0 to 100% at whatever interval you want.

Hope that is still of use!

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