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TheriakDomino operation

Posted: 12 Sep 2023, 04:05
by Junyu Li123
Hello, I am a beginner user of TheriakDomino, and I encountered the following issues while following the user manual. I want to ask for assistance.

1、When I run the makemap program, the following information (no folder with pixel map information found (note that names of pixel map folders begin with "_")) is displayed. However, the Domino program does create a folder named “_pixelmaps”.

Initialization-file: /TheriakDominoWIN\theriak.ini
log=makemap.last #User's responses during last run of program
out=OUT #Calculation information to be printed or viewed on screen
pgm=pixels.pgm # ascii-image of pixel map # Pixel map (PostScript file) (alte unit 20)
Program's directory: D:\Demino\TheriakDominoWIN\
Working directory: /TheriakDominoWIN\

2、When using the Theriak program to calculate P-T paths along specific trajectories, I created a ptpath script file, but I encountered the following message(Unable to open unit 12, type drv, file /TheriakDominoWIN\ptpath containing: "Special calculations" directives to run theriak iostat: 21).